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Mission Statement

The New Hampshire Academy of Audiology was established in 1993 for the purposes of

About Us

The New Hampshire Academy of Audiology was established in 1993 by audiologists from around the state as a nonprofit organization to address professional issues and standards of hearing healthcare. We practice in a variety of settings including private offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, research facilities, universities, and in association with doctors who specialize in the medical treatment of ears. Our members are located in communities across the state.

Our first effort in 1993 was to promote legislation to license audiologists in our state. That was accomplished in 1996. The New Hampshire board of hearing care providers was convened in 1997 to write the rules of operation for this oversight board. These rules were accepted by the Legislature in 1998. Since that time, all audiologists who practice in New Hampshire are required to be licensed.

In 1997 the academy turned its attention to promoting continuing education and began to host a full day seminar each fall. In 1999 we joined efforts with the Maine Academy of Audiology. The annual seminar has been co-hosted by both academies since that time.

Members of our academy continue to support the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening effort in the state. Additionally, efforts to improve access to quality follow-up for the infant and pediatric population identified with hearing loss are ongoing.

President's Letter

As President of the New Hampshire Academy of Audiology, I am grateful to be leading this group of dedicated professionals. The members of this organization represent a small state with an even smaller number of Audiologists. Most members have served for at least one position on the executive board, since the organization was created, in the mid 1990's. With more than 20 year of group effort, 2017 will be a good year to achieve some more of our professional goals.

We are fortunate to have a treasurer and a secretary for our executive board. The Treasurer is Eliza Evans, MS, FAAA, who is based in Concord; and, the Secretary is Samantha Glover, Au.D., who is based in Lebanon. The executive board will be complete when an enthusiastic and motivated Audiologist becomes President Elect.

We are grateful to have a wonderful Lobbyist in Elizabeth Sargent. She keeps an eye on legislative developments for us. She helps us monitor the legal status of our profession, our scope of practice, aspects of insurance reimbursement for audiology services, our license reciprocity with other states and other matters which may have an effect on our profession. She assists and encourages us with our ideas toward future developments in Audiology. Recently, she has directed members of NHAA to reach out to our federal delegation (our US senator and US congresswomen) to share our professional concerns regarding the movement for over-the-counter hearing aids. Another topic we are discussing with her is to obtain official recognition for Audiology Assistants.

NHAA provides some financial assistance for looping public places to allow for better communication and enjoyment by those who wear hearing aids. Please contact us if you have suggestion or request for our next beneficiary. A grant application form will need to be completed and submitted.

We are starting to plan for our Spring 2018 professional conference. We anticipate this conference will be held in Portsmouth, N.H. on Friday, April 27th. April 26th will be a pre-conference workshop at the Hilton Garden Inn. April 27th will be the full day program at Portsmouth Harbor Events. We welcome any comments or other suggestions for who our presenters will be and which vendors to invite. NHAA members will receive a discount on conference attendance.

Members and volunteers are vital to the success of these efforts. We need you. We will be developing committees to work on various projects. We need a conference chair and a number of committees to bring the 2018 conference to fruition. We appreciate any donations you may be able to provide for the silent auction!

Please join NHAA this year and make sure your voice and ideas are heard. Our profession faces significant challenges from all directions and it will take all of us to see Audiology move forward into the future. Your dues help support the activities described herein and more.

We meet at the office of Sheehan, Phinney Capitol Group, 3rd floor at 2 Eagle Square, in Concord. It is across from the state house. We typically meet on the first Tuesday of the month, at 6pm. Please consider attending. Make sure to contact a member of the Academy to be certain of the meeting date. It is possible to attend meetings by phone, if driving to the meeting in person is not feasible. Contact me ahead of the meeting for phone attendance information.

Personally, I appreciate your comments and welcome your suggestions. You may contact me via email at doctorears@yahoo.com or reach me at my office at 603-528-7700.

—Laura O. Robertson, Au.D.